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For over 35 years we have been dedicated to the legal needs of the international community

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Our lawyers have a combined experience of over 50 years in immigration law.

Real Estate Law

We can effectively assist foreign buyers and investors with all real estate transactions.

Business Law

All about new ventures in the United States, from startups to mergers and acquisitions

Copyright Law

We can help you to protect your creative assets, for good.

Trademark Law

The Intellectual Property protection you need, at the right time.

Debt Collection

Leave behind all the frustration, start receiving what is yours.

Contract Negotiations

Get protected in all your business, by setting down things clearly.

"We offer more than sound legal advice,
we offer a partner to share your vision"

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What is an Offshore Company

What is an Offshore Company

A company registered in a jurisdiction that is considered a “tax haven” is generally called an “offshore” company. These companies are formed for many purposes,

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The Future of DACA

The Future of DACA

This past Saturday 01/27/2019, President Trump revealed an offer in which he requested $5.7 billion funding for the U.S.-Mexico border wall, in exchange for three-year

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