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Miami skyline1 - Will Vs. Trust

Often a will and a trust are frequently believed to be the same concept. Each has its unique benefits. Ask a qualified attorney for assistance and clarification, if you are undecided whether you should form a trust, a will, or both. The experienced attorneys at the Law Office of Kravitz and Guerra will review your case, and suggest the most appropriate solution to maintain your funds secure.


A will helps direct one’s assets when he/she passes away. A will goes into effect after one’s death, while a trust takes effect right away.


If you have non-adult children, you can also name their guardian through a will, in case you pass away.


A Trust appoints an individual or an entity ( ‘’a trustee’’) who holds a legal title to your property for another person (‘’a beneficiary’’). The beneficiary can receive ongoing income through their life, or receive the funds after the death of the other beneficiary.


An experienced attorney will make sure that your assets are always under control and in the right place. Contact us for assistance at +1.305.372.0222 or [email protected]

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