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title insurance - Why Should You Purchase Title Insurance?

Purchasing a real estate property can be risky. Before you invest in a real estate purchase, it’s imperative that you consult an experienced real estate lawyer who is well versed with complex real estate transactions.

Most buyers purchase already existing properties from a re-seller. It is important that all small details related to the property title are examined to avoid burdens, liens or complications.

Keep in mind that even if the transaction has been properly executed, small defects in the property title can cause you legal troubles.

 Why should you purchase title insurance?

 The big advantage which title insurance has over traditional property insurance is that it also protects you from mistakes committed by other property owners in the past. Be aware that those mistakes may jeopardize the property ownership.

Those who obtain a mortgage for their property title must purchase title insurance to protect the mortgage lender in the case of a property loss which can be the result of a deficient property title.  However, you are advised to purchase a title insurance even if you don’t need a mortgage, for maximum security. The cost of a title insurance is minimal.

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