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Kravitz & Guerra

Physical Address: 905 Brickell Bay Dr., Lobby, Miami FL 33131 - USA

Mailing Address: 801 Brickell Bay Dr., Business Box 18, Miami FL 33131 - USA

Setting up a new business is a significant step associated with numerous administrative, legal and financial procedures.  Having a competent lawyer by your side is important to avoid any complications and mishaps during your new business set-up process. Here are three major reasons why you should consider hiring a qualified lawyer before establishing a new business venture….

Placing assets into offshore companies with the appropriate legal structure and formation can offer an excellent layer of protection for the owners’ assets, with tremendous great flexibility. Once shielded by an offshore structure, the ownership of any valuable assets is very difficult to be identified, even with the help of a professional asset search. Only…

A company registered in a jurisdiction that is considered a “tax haven” is generally called an “offshore” company. These companies are formed for many purposes, the most common of which are privacy and asset protection. This type of company must be registered by a licensed, experienced attorney who will keep the client’s information confidential. An…