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immigraiton4 - Can You Travel out of the Country on a Green Card?

Temporary absence out of the country does not affect your Green Card status.

Green Card holders must be aware that if they are absent from the United States for an excessive time period, their residence status might be affected and considered abandoned. This may happen if you have been absent from the United States with no valid reason for more than a year. In that case, you will have to resort to the advice of a qualified immigration lawyer.

If you plan to travel out of the country for a prolonged time period, you should contact an experienced Immigration lawyer, to make sure you don’t threaten your Permanent Resident status.

When you return to the United States, the officer may try to determine your admissibility based on the following criteria: how long you were absent, for what reason,  current family ties in the United States, current businesses in the United States,  US bank accounts, mailing addresses, and/or ownership of a valid US driver’s license.

In order to prepare for your interview when you enter the United States, on the occasion you have spent a prolonged time period out of the country, you need the advice of an experienced immigration lawyer. Contact our attorneys at +1.305.372.0222 or [email protected]

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