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OFFSHORE COMPANIES1 - Breach of Contract

A Breach of Contract is a common dispute in the business world.

What is a contract? A contract is an agreement between two or more parties, describing each party’s obligations. Every party is responsible for fulfilling the duties and obligations stated in the contract. When one or more of the parties fail to perform part or all of their obligations, a breach of contract occurs. If you are one of the affected parties, it’s important to hire an experienced litigation lawyer to handle the matter for you.

Examples of a breach of contract may include:

  • Failure to fulfil some (or all) of the obligations described in the contract
  • Failure to meet a specified deadline

A breach of contract may result in direct financial losses, or may cause loss of business, loss of customers, or loss of productivity to the affected parties.

In the event of a breached contract, the involved parties may either choose to enforce the contract’s terms or try to receive monetary compensation for financial harms that might have occurred as a result of the contract violation. Hire an experienced litigation lawyer for assistance. You may have to provide evidence for the type and amount of your losses, in order to be able to obtain cover for your damages.

Most important before entering into any agreement is to hire a qualified and efficient litigation attorney.

The hiring of an attorney is an important decision which should not be based solely on advertisements. Please contact us directly for specific information about our professional background and experience

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