House passes bill offering 2 million illegal immigrants a chance at citizenship

 the House passed a bill for “Dreamers” and immigrants who were actually brought to this country illegally when they were young, those could actually now qualify for a decade of conditional legal status if they have been here continually for at four years, that means no trips offshore and few little trips from their home. However is not as simple as it sounds, those who apply under the this category would have to meet education and background check requirements and must not have committed felonies or certain misdemeanors, including domestic violence if such are fund they will be rejected almost immediately. 

But If they are on the clear with everything They would qualify for full, permanent legal residence if like said before they have attained post-secondary degrees, served in the military or worked for at least three years and here at kravitz & Guerra law we can make this process feel like a breeze not a storm. 

Also they are qualifying for legal residence in the future, and possible citizenship, another program that temporarily protects roughly 300,000 people from 10 war-torn or disaster-racked nations. The administration has tried ending the program for people from several of those countries, including Sudan, Nicaragua, Haiti and El Salvador, but has been hindered by lawsuits and conflicts when doing so.

For example Several thousand Liberians fleeing violence and the Ebola virus who have won temporary legal status in the US would also be given a chance for permanent residence and citizenship. Trump decided last year to end that program, called Deferred Enforced Departure, but in March extended it for another year so the program could be phased out properly and giving people a fair amount of time for planning their next moves.

While immigration is a common thing now a days with so many opportunities and benefits, obtaining those benefits comes at a price, it takes time and money for you to begin your American dream however for those who are willing and able, America still shows that if you dream it, you can achieve it.