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Kravitz & Guerra

Physical Address: 905 Brickell Bay Dr., Lobby, Miami FL 33131 - USA

Mailing Address: 801 Brickell Bay Dr., Business Box 18, Miami FL 33131 - USA

Often a will and a trust are frequently believed to be the same concept. Each has its unique benefits. Ask a qualified attorney for assistance and clarification, if you are undecided whether you should form a trust, a will, or both. The experienced attorneys at the Law Office of Kravitz and Guerra will review your…

Every year, the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) grants Professional Worker H-1b) visas to 65,000 non-US citizens. The agency has announced that April 2, 2018 will be the date for this year’s submission. This means any applicant MUST start the application NOW if s/he wants the application to reach the USCIS in time….

Hiring an efficient real estate lawyer can save time and money! Foreigners often believe that hiring a real estate lawyer to assist with their U.S. real estate purchases will add extra expenses to their transaction, but this is not true. A real estate lawyer will save you time and money when buying a property by:…