We are proud to be serving our community for over 30 years
Law Offices of Kravitz and Guerra, P.A. is located in the city of Miami, Florida.

We have developed an integrated way of assisting the foreign national who wishes to invest, work, study or reside in the United States.

Through a team of professionals in the areas of Immigration, Real Estate Law, Corporate Law, Global Planning, Commercial Litigation and Entertainment Law, The Law Office of Kravitz & Guerra can offer the foreign entrepreneur, executive or investor support for the opening of a U.S. company or a branch office.  Our competent attorneys also will also provide assistance in applying for visas to enable such person to oversee his/her business or be otherwise employed in the U.S. as effectively as possible.

We are here to assist you! Our top Miami attorneys are ready to take on your case.

We fight to protect your legal rights under the law
Located in the heart of the dynamic business center of Miami, the Law Offices of Kravitz and Guerra, P.A. has established itself as one of the most respected International law firms in South Florida. Most of the multi-lingual staff members have an international background and legal experience in other countries. The Law Office of Kravitz and Guerra has assisted a broad range of clients from all over the world with their Immigration, Real Estate, Corporate and Business Transaction matters.

The attorneys at the Law Offices of Kravitz & Guerra P.A. have many years of experience assisting a myriad of foreign nationals to achieve smooth, successful transitioning to the United States.

Do you want to work in the US? Or open a business? Study at one of its top-notch educational institutions? Or just explore the immigration option that best suits your needs?

No matter if you are an investor, student, a qualified professional or just plan on applying for a US Permanent Residence (Green Card) and/or U.S. Citizenship – we have the experience, resources and qualifications to assist you in your journey!

Areas of Focus

We have over 30 years of experience assisting clients of various backgrounds and nationalities.

Our main goal is to win your Case!

Immigration Law
Real Estate Law
Business Transaction Law
Commercial Litigation


Immigration Law

With over 50 years combined experience assisting the International Community with  successful migration to the United States, the attorneys at the Law Office of Kravitz & Guerra provide effective solutions to live, work, invest or study in the United States. 

Real Estate Law

Kravitz & Guerra’s Real Estate attorneys and Licensed Title Agents are familiar with the real estate transactions of foreign nationals who would like to purchase a second residence in the United States or just invest in its dynamic real estate market. Our staff will guide you appropriately to structure your property in the most effective way to ensure privacy, promote asset protection and avoid unnecessary tax burdens.

Business Transaction Law

Our clients represent a diversity of nationalities and backgrounds. We provide experienced support in Business Transactions, and establishment & structuring of Corporations and Limited Liability Companies (LLC).  We  provide assistance with the establishment of “offshore” entities for favorable tax treatment and personal asset protection. Offshore companies can be set up quickly and privately, ensuring complete client confidentiality.


Our Litigation Department provides representation in civil litigation matters including contract negotiation, family law issues (including divorce, alimony, childcare support, pre-nuptial agreements), discrimination, harassment, or debt collection.


A trademark is a very very important step towards creating a distinctive product/business/service. Our experienced legal staff can assist you with registering a unique trademark that will increase your company’s value and make your product or service stand out in the marketplace.


he Law Offices of Kravitz & Guerra can assists Domestic & International clients with copyright/intellectual property matters related to various creative projects, including digital work, writing projects, and art products.