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visa1 - 4 Categories of Immigrant Visas (With Descriptions)

High net worth investors, foreign nationals with extraordinary abilities, and those holding upper management positions can all qualify for immigrant visas in the United States. The more qualified you are in terms of professional achievements, business background, and investment capacity, the higher chances you have to obtain legal residence in the United States.

Check out the four visa types below to find out if you may fit the general criteria for any of them. Always consult an immigration lawyer to find out about your eligibility and related requirements.

EB1 Priority Workers Immigrant Visas

This type of visa is typically granted to priority workers with extraordinary professional abilities, including managers, executives, researchers and professors.  Some of these categories require a sponsorship by an employer.

EB2 Immigrant Visas for Individuals with

This visa category is available to foreign nationals holding advanced degrees, including people with extraordinary abilities in the fields of science, business and art. In order to qualify for this category, you typically need to prove job offer evidence from a valid employer. In some situations, the job offer requirement can be waived. Contact a qualified immigration attorney for assistance and advice.

EB3 Immigrant Visas for Trained Professionals

This category is preserved for professionals holding a bachelor’s degree or those with a specialized training of two years, necessary to satisfy the job requirement. This visa is also suitable for those with temporary and seasons jobs in the United States.

EB5 for Startups or Business Ventures in the US

This category is preserved for individuals willing to invest at least $500,000 in a qualified Regional Center in an employment – targeted area. The Goal of the visa is to stimulate the US economy, while providing the investor with the opportunity to gain legal status in the United States and eventually obtain Permanent Residence (Green Card).

Each of these visas have more details related to them. Contact us at +1.305.372.0222 or [email protected] to set up an appointment.

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